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 Hogwarts ~ Our Story

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PostSubject: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:05 pm

Okay, this is going to be a joint fic between me and the Admin Very Happy hope you enjoy it!! Smile

Part One ~ Carly's Point of View (POV)

Oh my God. This is actually it. I’m actually going to Hogwarts! Of course, as I’m pure-blood, I was expecting a letter, but I suppose you don’t really believe things are real until they happen, do you?

The thing is, I’m seriously shy around new people. I hope I can make some friends; we live just outside a tiny wizarding village and there aren’t any kids my age that live around here, so I’ve never really had any proper friends.
We’re on our way to the train station right now. I think I can see it out the window...

Ten minutes later, my dad screeched to a halt in the car park and me and my mum hurried out. Dad got my trunk from the car and I ran to get a trolley.

We hurried on to Platform Nine. “Now Carly,” my mum said, “you just walk straight –”

“– through the barrier, I know Mum, you’ve told me,” I said, slightly impatiently.

“Well, let’s go then,” my dad said, and he walked confidently up to the barrier with the trolley and slid through it. None of the Muggles noticed, they were too busy trying to get to their trains on time.

Me and Mum went next. I got a bit worried when we were nearing it, it looked seriously solid! But we slid through just as easily as Dad, who we met on the other side.

“Ready?” Mum asked me.

“I think so... wait, my ring’s gone!” My ring that I wore all the time had vanished from my finger.

“Carly, we don’t have time to look for it. The train’s going to leave in ten minutes; you should really be on it by now –”

“Is this it?” A new voice came from behind me. I spun around. Standing behind me was a girl, probably round about the same age as me, holding out my ring. “I found it over there,” she smiled, pointing over her shoulder at the barrier, which was now an archway to the Muggle world.

“Om my God, thanks!” I squealed, taking the ring from her and putting it on. “I’m Carly, by the way,” I added. “This is my first year at Hogwarts!”

“Me too!” she replied. “I’m Millie, well Melissa, but everyone calls me Millie.”

“Why don’t you girls go and find a compartment on the train? It’s going to leave soon,” my mum told us.

“Sure,” Millie said. “I’m just gonna say bye to my family.”

Once everyone had said their goodbyes and I had promised my mum I would write to tell her how I was getting on, we got on to the train with our trunks and spotted a compartment with two spare seats; there were three boys and a girl in there.

“Do you mind if we join you?” I asked them. The boy and girl at the window sitting opposite each other were barely listening to us; but the two boys sitting next to the door looked up.

“Sure! The more the merrier,” said one with untidy black hair and glasses.

“Well, not in some people’s cases,” said the other one, casting a dark look at the boy sitting at the window.

“Thanks!” I said, and put my trunk in the luggage rack. I sat down in between the girl and the second boy who had spoken, and Millie sat opposite me, between the boy with glasses and the boy at the window, who, now I looked at him, had a slightly unhealthy look about him. His black hair fell like curtains around his face, which had a sort of grey tinge to it.

The girl beside me wiped her eyes, and I heard her sniff. She had been crying. “Are you okay?” I asked her, but it was the boy sitting opposite her who answered.

“Mind your own business!”

I was a bit taken aback, but did as he said.

“Don’t be so mean Sev! Just ignore him. I’m Lily,” she told me.

Millie turned to the boy named Sev. “I’m Millie. What house are you hoping to be in?”

“Me? Slytherin.” He was perfectly polite to her, what had I done?

“My parents told me only Dark wizards and witches end up in Slytherin,” I remarked, but he totally ignored me.

“Slytherin?” It was the boy with glasses who had spoken. “Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?” he added to the boy sitting across from him.

“My whole family have been in Slytherin,” he said glumly.

“Blimey Sirius,” the boy with glasses replied. “and I thought you seemed all right!”

Sirius grinned. “Well, maybe I’ll break the tradition. Where you heading, James, if you get the choice?”
James lifted an invisible sword.

‘Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!’ Like my dad.”

Sev snorted.

James leaned forwards, so he could see past Millie. “Got a problem with that?”

“No, but if you’d rather be brawny than brainy –”

“Where’re you hoping to go, seeing as you’re neither?” Sirius interrupted. James roared with laughter and I got the giggles. Millie gave me a look, and I tried to straighten my face.

Lily looked at me (I was still trying to stop laughing), James and Sirius with dislike and stood up. “Come on Severus, we’ll find another compartment,” she said. “Millie, do you want to come?”

Millie looked a bit startled but ended up leaving with them. “Bye,” she said to me as she walked past.

“See you,” I replied.

“See ya Snivellus!” Sirius yelled as the compartment door slammed shut. I started laughing again. James turned to me.

“You seem all right. What house do you want to be in?” he asked, as though there had been no interruption.

“I’m not bothered really. As long as it’s not Slytherin,” I said. Sirius grinned approvingly. I smiled. Making friends was easy!
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:49 pm

Part Two ~ Millie's POV

As we walked along the carriage looking for an empty compartment, I felt about guilty about leaving Carly. I had only just made friends with her and I had ditched her already. And I was in no place to ditch friends, seeing as Carly was the only one I had. But Lily had asked me to come with them, and there were two of them so if I had said no, I'd be ditching TWO potential friends. Although, this "Snivellus" person didn't seem that easy to get on with... I felt like I was betraying Carly even more by going off with him.

"This one's empty," Lily's voice interrupted my thoughts. I followed the pair of them through the door and sat down opposite them. There was an awkward silence before Lily introduced herself:

"I'm Lily, and this is Severus," she indicated towards the greasy haired boy. I smiled at him and he nodded at me, not smiling. I assumed this was quite friendly for him.

"I'm Millie," I replied.

"Pure Blood?" Severus asked.

"Yes. Does it matter to you?" I'd heard of wizards who thought that anything but Pure Blood was scum.

"No. I'm Half Blood and Lily here is Muggle born."

"Oh." I was quite relieved by that. I didn't want to start mixing with the wrong sorts. Realising they were waiting for a further reaction to the news, I smiled at them. "Great!"

After another short silence, Severus began reaching for his trunk and unpacking his robes. After checking her watch, Lily did the same so I thought I'd better follow suit.

After half an hour of getting changed and uninterrupted silence, Carly and the two boys walked past the compartment. The two boys stuck their tongues out at Severus before hurrying past, while Carly stopped, smiled, and opened the compartment door.

"Hiya!" she said. "It's a bit early to have your robes on, isn't it?"

"No. If you had a watch you would know that the train arrives in Hogsmeade in about ten minutes. Maybe you should think about getting one." Severus replied bluntly. Carly scowled before looking at me.

"I'll see you later Millie."

"Yeah, see you." I said as she turned around and left.

Lily looked at Severus disapprovingly. "You could at least try to be nice."

"Why should I if she chooses to hang around with them."

Lily sighed, and no one said anything until the train pulled up at the station.

Along with all the other first years, we followed the gamekeeper, Hagrid, to the lake where we grouped into fours and piled into boats. Carly joined our group of three, explaining that James and Sirius (I assumed she meant the two boys) had met up with some other friends and there was not room for all of them in one boat. Severus rolled his eyes but she ignored him and continued chatting to me about the train journey. I wasn't really listening though. I was too busy gazing at the magnificent silhouette of Hogwarts against the moon.

Before we knew it, we had stopped a little way away from the towering oak front doors, and, as if by magic, they slowly opened, letting a pool of light burst through, illuminating our awestruck faces...
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:03 pm

Part Three ~ Carly’s POV

As the door opened and the light from the castle glowed upon us, I heard many “Oooh”’s and “Ahh”’s from round about us, and I heard Sirius shout, “Blimey!” Snivellus scowled in his direction and I smiled. Anything that annoyed him was fine by me.

Slowly, our eyes adjusted to the light and a silhouette of someone appeared, casting a shadow over us. It was a tall witch with black hair and a stern face. It wasn’t the most welcoming face to see on our first night here.

“Follow me into the Entrance Hall,” she said curtly, and strode off into the light. We climbed the stone steps and walked into a large, brightly-lit hall.

“My name is Professor McGonagall,” the teacher told us. “The Sorting of you into your houses will take place shortly. The Sorting is a very important event; your classmates will become something like your family over the next few years that you will be here. You will sleep in the same dormitories with them and eat with them. Your common rooms will be a place of leisure and work; where you can complete homework that your teachers set for you, and also a place to take a break from lessons with your friends.”

I glanced around. Everyone looked nervous, yet excited, just how I felt. I realized Professor McGonagall was speaking again.

“Now, I think they are ready for us, organize yourselves into a line and follow me into the Great Hall please.”

There was an outbreak of muttering and shuffling as everyone tried to arrange themselves. I somehow ended up behind Sirius and in front of Millie. I turned to smile at her, and noticed Snivellus standing behind her. My smile changed to a look of dislike, and instead turned to Sirius.

“You nervous?” I whispered.

“A bit,” he replied. “Most families get put in the same houses, but I don’t think I could be able to stand it if I was in Slytherin.”

“You’ll be fine,” I said, smiling at him, and then I jumped as the line started moving. I craned my neck to see Professor McGonagall. She was carrying a rickety three legged stool in one hand and an old, faded, patched hat in the other. I didn’t see anymore as I suddenly passed the doorway of the Great Hall and suddenly a sea of faces were turned towards us. I gulped, my confidence suddenly gone. I heard Millie whimper quietly behind me.

I looked up, and realized there was no ceiling. Or maybe it was bewitched to look like there was no ceiling. It was a bit freaky, anyway.

Eventually we were assembled in front of the whole school. I heard a clunk as the Professor sat down the stool. “When you’re name is called, step forward and sit on the stool. I will place the Sorting Hat on your head and it shall tell you which house you belong in.”

As a tiny teacher, barely 4 feet tall ran forwards with a scroll of parchment, a rip near the brim of the Hat opened like a mouth and it began to sing.

When it had finished, there was a round of applause from the pupils and then all was silent yet again. Professor McGonagall unrolled the scroll of parchment, cleared her throat and began to read out names. I strained my ears, waiting for my name.

“Black, Sirius!” barked Professor McGonagall.

“Good luck!” I whispered in his ear as he hurried off to the stool. The Hat was dropped on to his head, and I could see his hands fidgeting. There was a pause, then –

“Gryffindor!” the Hat roared. Sirius pulled the Hat off, grinning, and gave me and James a thumbs up as he headed for the Gryffindor table, the occupants of which were applauding him loudly.

I was just feeling happy for him when my name was called. I rushed forwards, tripped, managed to regain my balance without falling, and sat on the stool hastily. The last thing I saw was about a thousand faces staring at me, before the Hat dropped over my eyes and all I could see was the black canvas inside the Hat.

I sat impatiently; it was taking such a long time to decide. After what seemed like several years, I heard the Hat shout, “RAVENCLAW!”

It seemed extra loud inside the Hat. My ears ringing, I pulled the Hat off and handed it back to the Professor. I hurried to the Ravenclaw table, and two girls moved up to let me sit down on the bench. Breathless, I watched the rest of the Sorting. Lily was called next and was Sorted into Gryffindor.

Suddenly Millie’s name was called. She walked forwards, and sat down calmly. The minute the Hat touched her head it bellowed, “Ravenclaw!” and I cheered along with the rest of the Ravenclaws. I moved up the bench and Millie flopped down next to me, grinning.

Soon James’ name was called; he too was put into Gryffindor. He sat down next to Sirius, looking ecstatic. And then... it was Snivellus’ turn. I couldn’t care less where he ended up, to be honest. Surprise, surprise, he ended up in Slytherin. Millie smiled as he walked past, but he glanced at me and gave me a look of utter dislike. I returned it with as much venom in my eyes as I could muster.

Eventually the Sorting ended, and a man with long greying hair and a waist length beard stood up from the staff table. This must be Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster.

“Welcome!” He cried, beaming around the room. “To both our old students and new. I would normally save my speech until after the feast, but this shall not take long.
“First of all, all students are to be reminded that the Forbidden Forest in the school grounds is strictly out of bounds to pupils. To our new first years, your house prefects shall show you to your common rooms. Timetables for lessons shall be handed out tomorrow morning at breakfast, which begins at 8 o’clock.
“Now, tuck in!”

I was a bit startled; I had expected him to talk longer. I wondered what he meant by, “Tuck in.” I couldn’t see any food...

Just as I thought this, I gasped. The golden plates in front of us had suddenly filled with food. Only now did I realize how hungry I was. I started piling my plate up with food.

Once everyone had eaten their fill (puddings had appeared later), Professor Dumbledore dismissed us. A girl and a boy from Ravenclaw were shouting, “First years! First years this way please!”

“That’s us, I guess,” I muttered to Millie, and we both stood up and followed.

The prefects led us up a magnificent marble staircase in the Entrance Hall and then up six more flights of stairs. I was knackered by the time we reached a door in the wall. There was no handle.

One of the prefects stepped forwards and knocked the door once. “Why can’t transfigured objects change themselves back?” said a tinkling voice.

“They have no magic of their own, and therefore cannot undo the magic,” answered the prefect.

“Very good,” the tinkling voice said, and the door swung open. We stepped inside along with the other first years, as the prefects explained to us that we had to answer a question to get into the common room, which we were standing in.

I loved it straight away. It was very airy, and had large arched windows all along one wall, which showed a velvety black sky, dotted with stars like tiny pinpricks.

Yet it wasn’t cold; a fire danced merrily in the grate, casting its light all over the room. There were bronze and blue hangings everywhere, all adorned with the Ravenclaw eagle. At the far end, there was a stone statue of... Rowena Ravenclaw, it said so on the bottom. She was wearing a beautiful crown, and as I neared towards it I could make out the words etched upon it: Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.

Behind this statue was a door. The prefects explained to us that this was the entry to the dormitories. They told us to go to bed, as it had been a long day and surely we were all tired? Now that I thought about it, I was practically asleep on my feet.

“Coming?” Millie asked me.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, and we made our way to the door. There were two stairwells: one for the girls and one for the boys. We all split up and headed up our assigned staircase. At the top there were seven doors, each with a year group inscribed with gold onto the doors.

The nearest one said First Years. We headed towards it, and found ourselves in a room with five four poster beds in it. There were three other girls in there.

“Hello,” one said.

“Hi,” I replied, and then headed over to one of the beds. My trunk was lying at the foot of it. I opened it and pulled out a pair of pyjamas, Millie doing the same at the bed next to mine.

I flung my pyjamas on to the bed at sat on the edge. “Long day,” I remarked to Millie.

“Yeah. And we’ll have an even longer one tomorrow. But I’m excited about it.”

“Me too,” I said. I was excited, we were actually going to learn to do magic! I said goodnight to Millie and pulled the deep blue hangings around my bed shut, and got changed. I wondered how I was going to sleep, I was so looking forward to the next day, and then, the next thing I knew, it was the morning.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:37 pm

Part Four ~ Millie's POV

I opened my eyes slowly. A ray of sunlight was shining through a gap in the blue hangings. For a moment, I forgot where I was. Then I remembered. Hogwarts. I smiled to myself. But what was the time? Was I late? I couldn't be late on my first day! I picked up my watch from my bedside table to check the time. 7.30. Phew. I had half an hour before breakfast.

I threw my robes on and pulled back the hangings. The only other person awake was a girl called Jen. I smiled at her.

"The others are going to be late," she said to me. "Do you think we should wake them?"

On the one hand, I would not be happy if someone woke me up, but I would HATE to be late on my first day of my new school. "We should wake them."

Once we were all awake, the five of us made our way down to the Great Hall. It was lucky that we ended up leaving early because it took a while for us to actually find the Great Hall. We had to ask for directions from a Hufflepuff sixth year.

I was expecting a small choice for breakfast (maybe a few different cereals and some toast) after last night's lavish feast, but I couldn't have been more wrong: Hundreds of different cereals, Eggs (Fried, Boiled, Scrambled, Poached etc.), Bacon, Sausages, Toast, Porridge, Beans, Bagels, Crumpets, Millions of different exotic fruits, Jams, Marmalade, Marmite, Butter... I could go on forever. I had a bit of everything as for some reason, I was suddenly ravenous.

Just after a quarter to nine, Professor Flitwick came over and handed us our timetables. We had Herbology first with the Slytherins... Carly'll love that. A whole hour with Severus.

We made our way out to the greenhouses where a couple of Slytherin boys - including Severus - were already waiting.

"Hiya Sev" I said as we lined up behind him.

"Hello Millie." He shot Carly an evil look before carrying on. "I wish we didn't have to take Herbology. It's such a dull subject."

"Is there anything you like?" Carly rolled her eyes. Severus ignored her and continued.

"I'm loooking forward to Potions this afternoon. And Defence Against The Dark Arts tomorrow."

"You like Potions then?" I asked. It was the first time I had actually had a conversation with Severus. I wasn't going to let it drop.


"Then surely you need to know about plants and that?"

"That's just a minor part of potion-making. It doesn't need to be a full blown subject..."

I decided not to press the matter further as I didn't want to irritate him. Professor Sprout rounded the corner a second later anyway and we piled into the greenhouses.

"Right everyone. This term we will be doing Mandrakes. The Mandrakes cry is deadly to anyone who hears it so make sure your earmuffs are tightly on from when I say to when I say. It's quite simple, today we will be repotting them..." She carried on like this for a good ten minutes before finally telling us to get into groups of three and start. I stuck by Carly and we stood awkwardly waiting for someone else to join our group.

"Can I join your group? I wouldn't exactly want to be in a group with her" he signalled to Carly. "but everyone else has found a group." I have to admit, I was quite flattered. I didn't think Severus Snape was the kind of person who'd go in a group with just anybody. I nodded and we got to work. He was actually very good at it. Carly was too. I, however, think that I am better suited to less practical things, as I kept doing things wrong.

At the end of class, me and Carly headed back up to the castle for our Charms lesson, while Severus hung back to have a quick chat with Lily who was on her way to Care Of Magical Creatures.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:52 am

Part Five ~ Carly’s POV

“Oh my God. Oh my God! What the hell is his problem?!” I moaned to Millie on the way to Charms. “It’s not my fault that old Snivelly radiates the bloomin Dark Arts from the bloody roots of his god damn greasy hair!”

“How many mild swear words were you planning on fitting into one sentence?” Millie asked.

I ignored her and went on. “Seriously though what is his bloody problem? I am so peed off with him!”

“Calm down, Carly!” Millie told me.

“I will NOT bloody calm down! The little – he’s a –” I stammered, trying to find a suitable word.

“He’s not that bad,” Millie said fairly, as we reached the huge oak front doors.

“Oh – yes – he – bloody – is!” I said through my teeth.

“So, what do you think we’ll learn in Charms?” Millie said, hastily changing the subject. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Even though all I wanted to do was curse Snivellus’ nose off –

No Carly. Calm. Happy thoughts.

Bugger it. I can hate him if I want. I might “accidently” push him into a Venomous Tentacula plant in Herbology...


“Hmm?” I said, coming out of my happy daydream. “Oh right – er – probably levitation and stuff, you know. Colour-Change spells.”

We had reached the Charms corridor by now. Thank God it was just the Ravenclaws for Charms. Though it would’ve been so easy to levitate Snivelly out a window and make it look like an accident...

“Hiya Millie, Carly!” said a girl as we entered the classroom. I felt really bad, she knew our names and I didn’t know hers. Erm...

“Oh, hi, it’s Roxy, isn’t it?” Millie said.

“Yeah, it is,” she said, and then went back to chatting to the two other girls from our dorm.

Me and Millie grabbed a table right at the back and waited for Professor Flitwick. “I feel the same way about James and Sirius as you do about Sev,” she told me.

“WHAT?!” I exploded. “What’s wrong with them?!”

“They pick on Sev for no reason. He seems nice enough to me.”

I gaped at her with my mouth hanging open, for two reasons. First of all, she hated James and Sirius. How could you? They were awesome friends to have. And secondly, how the hell was she staying so calm? That can’t be natural...

“Could you girls at the back stop chatting, please?” Professor Flitwick squeaked. I jumped, and closed my mouth. I hadn’t noticed him enter the classroom.

“Now class,” he continued, “today we are going to be working on levitating objects...”


We left the Charms class for morning break. It was an awesome lesson actually. I was okay at Charms, I just had to keep on imagining the feather I was levitating was Snivelly’s face, but Millie was amazing! She was the only one who didn’t get homework.

“Do you want to go out into the grounds for break?” I asked her. It was sunny and surprisingly warm for September.

“Sure,” she said, and we headed down to flights of stairs and out the front doors.

“Oi! Carly!” It was Sirius. He was running up to the front steps with James in tow.

“Alright, Sirius?” I smiled, and descended the stairs towards him. I hadn’t got a chance to speak to him since before the Sorting. Behind me, Millie was steadily ignoring him, and levitating some fallen leaves by muttering the spell under her breath.

“So look at you two,” I said. “Gryffindor, ey?”

James opened his mouth to speak, but then someone shouted, “Millie!” It was Lily. Millie stopped charming the leaves to float in mid-air, and looked up.

“Do you want to come with me and Sev? Instead of hanging around with them,” she added, looking the three of us up and down with a disdainful look.

Millie shot an apologetic look at me and said, “Er, yeah, sure.” She disappeared with Lily, and I watched them going to meet Snivellus. Oooh the sight of him made my blood boil.

“Do you think anyone would notice if I pushed him into a Venomous Tentacula plant in Herbology?” I muttered,
without really thinking. James and Sirius looked at each other and burst out laughing. I smiled.

“You’re not serious?” Sirius asked.

“No, I thought you were,” I grinned. “Or have you changed your name?”

We all laughed, even though it wasn’t really funny.

“Come on,” James said. “We found this really nice place by the lake, it’s in the shade.”

I followed him and Sirius down to the water’s shore, and under the shade of an old beech tree. There was another boy sitting there. “Carly, this is Remus,” Sirius introduced us.

“Hi,” Remus said. I noticed how tired he looked, and how his robes were faded and patched. “So you’re the famous Carly? I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Really?” I said, looking at James and Sirius. “What’ve you been saying about me?”

“That you share our dream of Snivellus actually washing his hair one day,” Sirius said.

“Don’t hold your breath,” I grinned.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:50 pm

Part Six ~ Millie's POV

I felt guilty about leaving Carly AGAIN, but she had seemed quite happy with just James and Sirius. And if I had stayed, she would've just been annoyed that I kept giving them evils. I'm not even sure if James and Sirius even know that I dislike them. They certainly make it clear that they dislike me.

Lily lead me over to the edge of the Forbidden Forest where Severus was practising a spell he'd just learnt. He looked up at me and nodded at me. I wondered if he ever smiled. I didn't have to wonder much longer though, because when Lily sat down next to him he looked at her and gave her a small half-smile. It was a smile though and that's all that matters. Now I have something to aspire to - Sev actually smiling at me.

"What's that spell you're practising Sev?" I asked

"Engorgio. Makes things grow larger."

I nodded. I hadn't ever heard of that spell.

I turned to Lily.

"What classes have you got next?"

"Potions with the Slytherins then History of Magic with you and the other Ravenclaws. What about you?" she asked.

"Care of Magical Creatures with the Hufflepuffs," Snape laughed at this. I grinned and continued. "and then History of Magic with the Gryffindors."

"Shame. The Ravenclaws are definitely the best people to have a class with... not including Carly," Snape mused. Lily looked livid.

"What about the Gryffindors?" She exclaimed.

"James and Sirius."

"Fair enough. But there are some good Gryffindors."

"I know that. You're a Gryffindor." he half-smiled at her again.

"But there are some other decent Gryffindors too. I was talking to Remus Lupin in Care of Magical Creatures today. He seems really nice. I reckon you'd like him Sev. Unfortunately though, James and Sirius took a shine to him too. I think they're trying to get him into their gang of idiots."

"Well that is a pretty good indication that I won't like him." And he closed the subject. Just as well, next class was about to start. Lily and Severus walked back up to the castle together for Potions while I waited by Hagrid's cabin for everyone else to arrive. I was the first one there because I had only been sitting a few metres away from where we were told to meet Professor Hagrid. The Hufflepuff's arrived next, followed by Carly. The rest of the Ravenclaw's arrived a little later followed by Professor Hagrid.

"'Oright? I'm Professor Hagrid. Now for the first couple o' weeks, I'll be teachin' yer how to care for yer pets. Your owls, cats, rats, toads or wha'ever else you've got..."


The Hufflepuffs conformed to how they were stereo-typed as - very boring. They were good natured and sweet, but oh so boring. But it gave me and Carly a chance to get to know the other people in our dorm: Roxy, Jen and Summer. Roxy and Jen are Half-Bloods and Summer's a Muggle born. Apparently her mum fainted when she found out that her only daughter was a witch. Roxy's dad works in the Ministry of Magic. He's the Head of the Department of the Misuse of Magic office and Jen's dad plays Keeper for a little Quidditch team in his hometown.

By the time we had got to the History of Magic classroom, the Gryffindors were already queueing up outside. I went over to join Lily who was talking to a very tired looking boy.

"Oh Hi Millie!" she said when I reached them. "This is Remus. The one I was telling you about."

He smiled at me. "Hi."

"Hello." I said back.

At that moment, Professor Binns drifted out his classroom and signalled for us to lead in. There was a row of three desks that seated two each. Remus and James shared one, as did Carly and Sirius, and me and Lily. I gave Professor Binns my full attention throughout the whole hour as it was quite interesting, learning about the history of Hogwarts which is what we're studying this term.

I could hear Carly and Sirius sniggering to one side of me and I'm sure I heard the words "Snivellus" and "shampoo" more than once.

At the end of class, Lily shouted across to Remus offering for him to join her, me and Sev for lunch. He accepted and the three of us left the classroom and headed towards the Great Hall. I had a feeling that the offer of lunch to Remus was to prove to Sev that he wasn't an idiot Gryffindor and to drag him away from James and Sirius. Well that was fine by me.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:04 pm

Part Seven ~ Carly’s POV

I love History of Magic now. I think it may be my all-time favourite lesson. Ever.
Well, fair enough, I didn’t learn much. And I wasn’t really paying attention. But it’s so boring, sitting listening to the Professor, his voice just drones on and on...

But me and Sirius were fine. We talked about everything. Okay, Snivellus may have come into it once or twice, but we were only speaking the truth. He does need to wash his hair.

“Alright?” I grinned, leaning over the shoulders of James and Sirius, who were sitting at the Gryffindor table. I’d told James and Sirius to go ahead; I’d left my bag in History of Magic.

I nudged them out the way, wiggled in between them and started eating hungrily. It had been a tough morning.

“Wonder where Remus is,” Sirius said, peering up and down the table. “I thought he would have lunch with us.”

“Lily asked him to have lunch with her, Millie and Snivelly. I heard when I was getting my bag,” I said gloomily. “They’re probably at the Slytherin table.”

All three of us turned around in unison and spotted Lily right away, with her dark red hair falling way past her shoulders, closely followed by Snivellus and his greasy locks. Millie and Remus were there too. I noticed how most of the Slytherins were trying to sit as far away as possible from Lily. I asked James why.

“Probably ‘cause she’s muggle-born,” he said, finally taking his eyes off her and facing me.

“What difference does that make?” I asked. I hate not knowing things.

“Blimey, didn’t you know?” this time it was Sirius who spoke, causing me to twist my head round so fast I cricked my neck.

“Owww! No, what?” I said, rubbing my neck.

“Some wizards hate muggle-borns. Dark wizards, normally the ones in Slytherin,” James answered this time. I turned my head again and felt the pain shoot through my neck.

“OW! Will you PLEASE stop talking one after the other? It’s doing my head in, literally,” I grumbled, squeezing my eyes shut and waiting for the ache to pass. “So, Dark wizards have something against muggle-borns? Why? It’s not their fault.”

“I know,” Sirius said. “I should know. My whole family are those types of wizards and witches. My brother’s like that too, he starts Hogwarts in a few years.”

“But everyone knows you’re not like that Sirius!” I said.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t be in Gryffindor if you were, and you most certainly wouldn’t be hanging around with us, we wouldn’t let you” James backed me up, in what I supposed was a boy’s way of showing support.

Sirius grinned. “Yeah, suppose so. Come on; let’s go outside for a bit, we’ve still got some of our lunch break left.”

“What have you got after lunch?” I asked them, as we left the Great Hall and headed for the oak front doors.

“Transfiguration. You?” James said.

I groaned. “Potions. With the Slytherins and Mister-I’m-so-bloody-amazing-at-Potions. Eurghhh, he’s gonna be unbearable, little greasy git.”


Turned out my predictions were correct. I couldn’t find my way to the dungeons for a start; I got lost and ended up down round about where I think the Slytherin common rooms are. But I got there eventually.

“Well, well, ten minutes late!” were the first words I heard. “Lucky for you, we haven’t started yet. Find a seat please.”

At first I wasn’t exactly sure who it was that was talking. I just saw this massive belly a few inches away from me. But then I tore my gaze away – it was so big – and realized this must be Professor Slughorn, James and Sirius had told me about him.

I looked around the class, everyone was already seated. Mille and little Snivelly were sitting at a table of three. Millie smiled and motioned for me to go and sit with her, but I noticed HIM glaring at me and thought I should maybe sit at the spare table in the corner...

No wait a minute! Since when did I let some sneaky, greasy git who’s interested in the Dark Arts and has an overlarge nose control my decisions? Since when did some snotty –

“Sit! Now, please!” I jumped. I had been standing with my mouth open in the middle of the class. There were a few snorts of laughter.

“I’m going, I’m going,” I said, and sat next to Millie.

“You are not sitting next to us!” Snivelly hissed.

“What are you going to do Snivellus? And I can sit here, in case you haven’t noticed, Millie’s my friend too!”

Millie looked a bit bewildered, she was sitting between us, so she was literally in the middle of it all.

Snivellus rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything. I whispered, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Snivelly. It makes you look like you’re a goldfish that’s got stuck in a bit of seaweed. And a bit of greasy seaweed, at that.”

Ha! I have the best comeback lines.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:58 am

Part Eight ~ Millie's POV

I hate Potions. I actually hate it. Sitting between Carly and Severus isn't the most comfortable thing in the world and I actually suck at making potions anyway. Luckily, Sev lets me copy what he's doing sometimes, so Professor Slughorn things I'm alright at it, at least. Although, I don't think Sev follows the instructions in the book. He keeps adding notes next to the ingredients and things... I just go with it though - he is top of the class. Carly's not bad at it either but she sometimes gets stuck. I told her that I'm sure Sev wouldn't mind helping her (although I knew full well that this wasn't true) but she refused to accept help from anyone "that can look like a goldfish".

I couldn't wait for the bell to ring signalling the end of the school day... the thought of getting back to the Ravenclaw common room where there'd be no arguing, comfy chairs and a nice warm fire was almost too much to bear. I wasn't even that hungry. I just wanted some peace and quiet and to spend time with Carly without her making nasty remarks about Severus every two minutes. It was driving me insane.

After what seemed like years, the loud trilling of the bell finally sounded and I leapt up and hurried straight to the common room without a backwards glance towards Carly or Severus. I flopped down in my favourite chair in the far corner and pulled out my History of Magic textbook. A note fell out of it.

Millie. Me and Sev are having dinner under the Whomping Willow at 5 tonight. Join us if you want. Lily x

Ohhh I really wasn't in the mood for ditching Carly, eating OR spending the evening with Lily and Sev who were obviously going to talk about Carly, James and Sirius.

At that moment, Carly sat down on the chair beside mine.

"Long day," she said.

"The Longest." I replied. "Could you do me a favour?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Could you please go down to the Whomping Willow and tell Lily and Sev that I can't make it? I really can't be bothered to move an inch all night." I knew what the answer was going to be.

"No... No way. I'm sorry. If it was anyone else I would but... it's just... I hate that guy!"

"Uh. Ok." I started to get up and headed for the common room exit.

"I'll come and find you if you don't return in half an hour - you may have caught snivellusitis." I heard Carly shout after me.

As I was walking up the corridor, I ran into Remus Lupin.

"Hi," I said.

"Hello Millie. Off to dinner?"

"No. I'm not hungry. I'm off to tell Lily and Severus that I can't meet them. I'm so tired."

"I can imagine. It must suck having two of your best friends arguing all day." he said sympathetically. I smiled - at least someone understood. He carried on walking with me.

"Why don't you just tell them to get along or you'll disown them?" he laughed.

"I could. But that would be getting involved. And it could make things worse."


"But what about you? Don't you get tired of James, Sirius and Carly being friendly with you one minute, and then Lily, me and Sev the next?" I asked.

"I know it's only so that I pick a side and so that they get one up on the other "team", but it's really nice having friends. It's nice to fit in."

I smiled at him. "You have no problems making friends."

"I do. People don't really accept me..."

We were silent for a minute. Then, we reached the oak front doors.

"Mind if I join you?" Remus asked.

"Of course not." I suddenly felt a lot hungrier than I had done before and decided to to stay with Lily, Severus, and now Remus. Maybe even Carly would join us when she came to find me in half an hour. Or maybe she wouldn't bother and think that catching snivellusitis would be good punishment for me leaving her again.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:11 pm

Part Nine ~ Carly’s POV

Wow it’s boring sitting by yourself staring into the fire. Right I’ve had enough, I’m too bored to sit here. Millie left about 20 minutes ago. I’m so bored.

I thought about going down to dinner to see James and Sirius, but I’m not really hungry, and besides, I’m so comfy sitting in this chair...

Before I knew it, I was slipping into sleep...

My dream was full of confusing shapes and darkness closing in from all sides... and then I was woken by a piercing howl...

I jumped up in my seat. The common room was empty; everyone else had gone to bed and it was late. Very late. I looked outside the large arched windows and saw a large full moon against the blackness of the sky. The sun had still been setting when I had fell asleep...

I got a shiver down my spine as I remembered the howl. Everything seemed quiet now; maybe it had been in my dream...

Surely Millie would be back now? It must have been hours since she left... hmph, she could have at least woken me!

I crept up the stairwell and into our dorm. Roxy, Summer and Jen’s beds all had the hangings shut, but with a jolt I realised Millie’s bed was empty and untouched. If Snivellus had done anything to her... well I wouldn’t be surprised, but he would have me to answer to.

There was only one thing for it: I was going to have to go looking for her in the grounds. At night. With all sorts of magical and dangerous creatures in the Forest. Err... or maybe I’ll just go and find the Gryffindor common room and see if Lily got back okay... yes, I like that idea better.

I went back to the common room. I was going to have to be careful about this... we’re not meant to be out after 8 o’clock and it’s now... way past midnight. Not good.

Now, Gryffindor Tower is at the other end of the castle... so I’m going to have to go down a flight of stairs... and then go along the corridor... and up another flight of stairs... to the seventh floor, where James had told the entrance to the common room was...

Oooh, okay, now I know why I wasn’t put in Gryffindor: I’m SO not brave and I am bloody terrified...

But I have to go... or maybe she’ll come back later... no, something’s not right.

Okay, I’ve edged my way out the door and I’m at the top of the stairs... I hope I don’t get caught.

I went down the stairs carefully, trying not to make any noise on the stone steps. Nearly at the bottom, nearly, nearly – OH!

I’d slipped on the last step and fell into a wall. Which wasn’t really a wall, just a bit of wall pretending to be a wall. The sound of my knees hitting the stone had echoed all around me, I really hope no one heard!

Okay, I’m in some sort of tunnel, I wonder how many people know about this... but that doesn’t matter, I want to see where this passageway goes. There was no light, but I whispered “Lumos,” and my wand cast light all around me.

I travelled to the end of the corridor and climbed some steps. There was a dead end at the top of these steps, but I pushed the wall and it melted away. When I strode out into the corridor, putting my wand light out, the wall resealed itself behind me.

Where was I? The castle looks so different at night... I tiptoed along corridor, keeping close to the wall, and that’s when I saw it: a portrait of a very large woman wearing a pink dress. It was VERY like the one James and Sirius had described...

I crept closer: she was snoring away. “Um... Excuse me,” I whispered. She continued to snore. “Excuse me,” I said, slightly louder. She still slept on. I tapped her portrait gently; she jumped awake at once, and looked around, startled.

“Are you the Fat Lady?” I whispered, as politely as I could.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am. What do you mean by it, waking me at this hour? I might have to tell the caretaker tomorrow –”

“No! I mean, no, don’t do that please. So is this the entrance to the Gryffindor common room?”

“Yes it is,” she replied, a little haughtily.

“So, erm... can I get in please?” I already knew the answer but it didn’t hurt to try.

“No, you have to know the passwo –” she broke off abruptly, and swung forward, to reveal a gaping hole on the wall.

Something invisible came out and barged into me. “Ooooof,” I said, falling on to the ground for the second time that night. “Ow!”

I looked around for what had hit me, and seen James and Sirius lying beside me, James clutching some sort of silvery material.

“What are you doing here?” we all said at the same time.

“Shhh! I was looking for you two! Millie hasn’t came back from dinner with Snivellus and Lily, has Lily came back?” I whispered, my heart sinking when they both shook they’re heads.

“We were looking for Lily,” James said.

“And Remus! He went out ages ago and still hasn’t come back,” Sirius added.

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing to the silvery material James was holding. Him and Sirius looked at each other, and then James answered.

“An Invisibility Cloak.”

“Where did you get that?” I asked, but then the Fat Lady interrupted. “Are you going to sit there all night? I've got half a mind to tell the caretaker, you know!”


Me, James and Sirius crept down to the grounds with the Cloak wrapped around us. We had just left the front doors and were nearly at the Whomping Willow.

When we got there we knew something was wrong. The blanket they must have been sitting on was torn and ripped, and flung to one side. The remains of the food had been spread all over the ground and there was no one to be seen. Where the hell was everyone?
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:38 am

Part Ten ~ Millie's POV

I didn't exactly know what was happening. One minute we had been packing up the blanket and the food in the dark, the next minute... It was all a bit of a blur. Remus was gone but this big, grey wolf had appeared. Out of nowhere, it seemed to me. And then somehow, Sev had immobilised the Whomping Willow, and me and Lily were sprinting after him in some dark passage. The entrance had been at the bottom of the Whomping Willow. Was it a secret passage? No time to think about that now... Sev seemed to know where he was going. At least one of us did. I could hear the wolf running closely behind us... I could hear his teeth gnashing and his claws ripping into the ground as he ran... Lucky Remus escaped. He could've stayed and helped us though. It was good timing - he had disappeared the second the wolf arrived. Almost as if he knew the wolf was coming and didn't tell us. Huh, and I thought he was actually alright. Just innocently trying to fit in. Pah.

My thoughts were interrupted at that moment as the tunnel began to narrow and stoop uphill. We reached the end of the passage to find a wooden panel built into the ceiling above us. Sev pushed it and it opened upwards. This is crazy. He heaved himself up through it before holding out his hand for Lily, who was in front of me, to grab. She pulled herself up, clinging onto his hand. Once she was safely up, he offered his hand to me. I grabbed it immediately - I could hear the gnashing of jaws and knew that the wolf had very almost reached me. My hand was sweaty from all the running, and it was slipping out of Sev's grip as the wolf rounded the corner and was just metres away from me. It’s fierce eyes stared straight at me before it darted forward. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed the side of the trap door. I pulled myself up before Sev snapped the door shut.

We all looked each other, panting from the running.

"That was close," I said. Sev and Lily nodded.

"How..." Lily started, but was breathing too much to finish. "How did you know about that passage Sev?"

"I have my sources."

"Where... are we?"

"The Shrieking Shack."

I looked around. There wasn't much to see. It was dark, grey and dusty. All the windows had been boarded up so that the only light being let in was the faint moonlight coming in from a small gap between the bottom of the wooden wall and the floor. Although maybe ground is a better word. There were no panels, or carpet. Just muddy ground, covered in a layer of dust. Apart from the trap door just a metre from our feet.

There was nothing in the room either - just a door on the far wall.

There was a faint thumping and snapping sound as the wolf tried to open the trap door.

"Should we get out of here?" I asked.

"We can't. There's no way out of the Shrieking Shack apart from the way we've just come. We have to wait until Wolfboy's disappeared." Severus explained.

"Wolfboy?" I asked.

“Did you not know? That... thing. That’s your good friend Remus.” Severus said the last bit sarcastically before wrinkling his nose and continuing. “He’s a werewolf.”

“What?” Me and Lily said in unison. There was a loud bang from below the trap door.

“Let’s at least see what’s through that door,” Sev said pointing towards the far wall. “It might be a little safer.”

The room on the other side of the door wasn’t much different to the one we had just been in. There was a bed in this one, as well as a table. They were both grey and dusty. Like everything else. This shack must be ancient.

I sat down on the bed. It wasn’t very comfy, but after all the running, it was good to give my legs a break. Lily sat down next me while Sev paced the room with his hands behind his back. We could still hear a faint thumping sound from the other room.

After ten minutes of no noise apart from the werewolf’s attempts to get in, there was a loud crash, followed by a snap and a howl. Of victory, possibly.

Severus stopped in his tracks and spun to face the door.

“Get behind me,” he said urgently. Lily and I did what we were told and ran against the wall he was stood in front of. He spread his arms out to protect us, before – with another deafening bang – the door separating the two rooms was kicked down to reveal a wolf, snarling.

He fixed his eyes on us, still snarling, before pacing the length of the room in front of us, just as Sev had been doing two minutes before. I had no idea why he wasn’t leaping straight for us. But then I saw that Severus had his wand out and was pointing it threateningly towards the monster. It was like the wolf was deciding whether the wand could do him any harm, or should he just attack.

After two minutes of tense pacing, the wolf made up it’s mind. It crouched, ready to pounce. I closed my eyes.

But at that moment, I heard a bark. I opened my eyes to see a large, black dog and a white stag run into the room, followed by Carly.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:39 pm

Part Eleven ~ Carly’s POV

“How did – how – what?” I asked, gaping open mouthed at the stag and the massive black dog that had materialised before me. The dog darted up to me and used a paw to shut my mouth. Gee, thanks Sirius. He ran towards the now oddly still tree, sniffed the tree roots and barked once. James galloped (you have no idea how confused I was, my brain was still trying to take this in) towards me and nudged me towards the tree, where I could see Sirius’s tail disappearing into some sort of passage. I heard another howl and a scratching noise. We had to be fast.

James nudged me again and I dived into the passage without a second thought. If Millie died, who would walk me to my classes? Exactly.

The passage was seriously dark. All I could see were Sirius’ eyes shining in the darkness. Behind me, James was having some trouble getting into the passage. He regained human form and squeezed in after us, promising he would change back once there was more room.

We crept along the passage, having to stoop down low to stop ourselves from hitting our heads on the ceiling. Honestly, didn’t the people who built this think about how tall the average 11 year old is? Okay, I may be a midget for my age but even I had to bend over. Maybe the person who dug it was a serious midget... he must have had to use one of those little children’s spades... it would have taken him forever...

Eventually we reached a little trap door. Now IT was tiny! Great, the person who built this was a midget AND a size 4.

Sirius reared up on his back legs and pulled himself through the gap – the door had already been pushed open. The snarling and growling was louder now, along with the scraping and scratching. Suddenly there was a BOOM! I grabbed on to the edge of the gap and tried to heave myself up. It didn’t work. Is it my fault I have no upper body strength? Of course it isn’t. When is it ever gonna come in handy anyways... well now, I suppose, but this doesn’t count.

The great black dog sighed, and grabbed the scruff of my robes in his teeth. “Oi!” I yelled. I think I should decide whether I get manhandled (doghandled haha) or not.

He put me down on the ground next to him. While I got up and dusted myself off, the white stag had appeared next to me again. Sirius ran towards the other door and I followed, the stag cantering along behind me.

Inside the other room a massive grey wolf was snarling at Snivelly, who had his arms outstretched. Hmph. As if he could really protect Millie and Lily (oh my God that rhymes!! Haha) from the wolf. Sirius flung me into the corner with Millie and Lily, while James ran at the huge wolf, charging and pushing it against the wall with his antlers.

I didn’t appreciate being flung into the wall, but I knew why Sirius had done it. I grabbed Millie’s arm and pulled her towards the door. She wouldn’t move. “Come on Millie!” I said, pretending the noise and the ruckus that was happening behind me wasn’t there at all. “We need to go!”

She made me stay, although I managed to get her and Snivellus and Lily into the other room, where we listened to the banging coming from the other room. Eventually Sirius and James emerged from the other room, as their human forms.

“Knocked out,” Sirius said to our inquiring faces. Millie was actually shaking. Just as well I keep calm in these situations.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING DOING IN HERE?!” I screamed at them (in a totally calm and orderly manner).

“It doesn’t matter,” James replied. Come on, we need to get back up to the school. If they find us –”

“I’m not leaving with you,” Snivelly said, and he left immediately. After a moment of hesitation Lily followed, but Millie stayed with us, thank God. I really didn’t want to have to walk back up to Ravenclaw Tower by myself.

Outside, the four of us snuck back up to school under the Invisibility Cloak, after Millie promised that she wouldn’t tell ANYONE about it, including Snivelly. I showed Millie the passage from Gryffindor Tower to Ravenclaw Tower and we went into our dormitories, trying not to wake anyone up.

“A lot to take in for a first day,” I remarked to Millie. She smiled weakly. She had barely said to words the whole way up here. Okay, so she had nearly been mauled by a wolf, but she was fine wasn’t she?

I really don’t understand why some people say I’m not caring towards other people. I totally am.

We went to bed, and didn’t remember Remus until the next morning at breakfast, when Millie tried to tell me some lie Snivelly had convinced her was true...
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:11 am

I'm posting this for Millie, since she forgot her password Smile

Part Twelve ~ Millie's POV

“I’m telling you! That... that thing is your pal Remus Lupin!” I told her truthfully for the, I don’t even know, 16th time?

“Don’t be stupid. And I guess Snivelly also told you that Professor Slughorn is a Boggart?”

I scowled at her. Just because it was Sev that told me, Carly refuses to believe it. Typical. I was about to argue some more before the sound of screeching and the gentle flapping of wings signalled that the morning post had arrived. I turned my focus back to the toast I was buttering, not expecting to receive anything. But of course, whatever you expect to happen at Hogwarts, never does.

Two identical pieces of parchment landed in front of Carly and I. Picking them up simultaneously, we both began to read our letters in silence.

Professor Dumbledore requests for you to arrive at his office promptly at 6pm this evening. The password is “Mint Humbugs”.

I looked up to see Carly looking at me anxiously.

“Does your’s say you have to go to...?” she asked.

“Yeah. Are we in trouble?”

“I have no idea. I don’t want to get expelled on my first week!”

“Me neither,” I said nervously. “Do you think this is about last night?”

“Well... We could ask the others if they received the same message?”

I nodded before we both rose from the table and walked off in opposite directions; Me to the Slytherin table, and Carly to Gryffindor.

Later on, we reunited in the Ravenclaw Common Room. Carly walked towards me, shaking her head. I told her how Sev hadn’t got anything either but told me not to worry as it’s probably nothing. She rolled her eyes at this and made some sarcastic remark about how “Snivelly would know, wouldn’t he?”

We reluctantly started walking towards Professor Hagrid’s hut for Care of Magical Creatures. Except when I say we, I really mean I. James joined us in the Entrance Hall and I decided that that was my cue to walk ahead and find Lily... I really can’t stand James.

After the previous day’s drama, I welcomed how non eventful the day was. It passed pretty smoothly – I used most of my energy staying out of James’, Sirius’ and Remus’ way. I could relax in Divination; one of the only lessons the Ravenclaws share with the Hufflepuffs and not the Gryffindors or Slytherins.

Once the bell finally rang at the end of last period, Carly and I ambled back to the dormitories. As we were walking through the Dungeons, Remus came out of a nearby classroom and walked over to Carly’s side, not caring that maybe he was interrupting a private conversation. He wasn’t, but that’s not the point. Too tired to storm ahead, I decided to just take whatever snide comments he spat at me.

Before long, I had zoned out of the conversation entirely and was therefore startled when I realised we had reached the entrance of Ravenclaw Tower without Remus making any rude remarks. I lifted my head to have a proper look at him – something I had done my best to avoid doing in the past. I wasn’t normally interested in the disapproving facial expressions he gave to me and Sev. But this afternoon he looked different. Troubled... Haunted even. His eyes were full of regret. Serves him right. Couldn’t Carly tell from his guilty face that he was blatantly the werewolf? What more proof did she need?

By now, it was almost 4.30pm and we had just over an hour before we had to leave to see Dumbledore. I decided it would be a good opportunity to complete my Potions essay. Potions... The bane of my life.

After almost an hour of writing down complete rubbish, I gave up.

When the time came for us to make our way up to Dumbledore’s office, we set off through the castle, longingly sniffing the delicious smell wafting up from the kitchens.

“Just think, once we’re done with this, we can go to the Great Hall and have a very large Pumpkin Pasty” Carly said positively. I nodded. It was a good way of looking at it.

We reached the stone gargoyle a couple of minutes late. We really should have left the Common Room earlier considering how unfamiliar the castle was to us.

On muttering the password, the gargoyle shifted to reveal a stone staircase which we apprehensively climbed. Carly knocked twice on the huge oak door and the sound was followed by the old yet strong voice of Albus Dumbledore telling us to come in.

“I expect you are wondering why exactly I called you here this evening, girls” he said. I hesitated, before nodding. “Well,” he continued. “I want to know exactly what happened last night. Each and every detail. From the beginning.”

I guess this was what I was expecting. But then a thought crossed my mind. How did Professor Dumbledore know anything about events that occurred late at night in the Shrieking Shack?
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts ~ Our Story   Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:35 pm

Part Thirteen ~ Carly’s POV

The Professor instructed us to take a seat and we shot each other anxious looks as we did so. I could tell by Millie’s face that she was thinking the same as me – how the hell did he know?

“Uh, sir...?” Millie asked nervously as his gaze travelled from me to her. “How do... um...how... er –”

“We didn’t do it!” I burst out. I couldn’t help myself. “You’ve got the wrong man – er, girls! I mean, people! It wasn’t us, was it Millie? I mean, we were sleeping in our dorms all last night! Ask anyone! I was snoring again, wasn’t I Millie? All night long, I was!” Oh great, I’ve started doing my snoring impression. “Yep, sir! Isn’t there a spell which can fix snoring? Isn’t there? ISN’T THERE?!” I burst out laughing hysterically, clutching my sides as tears rolled down my cheeks as if an anti-snoring spell was the funniest thing I’d heard all year. Look, pressure is not my strong point, okay?

I darted a look at Milllie through my hysterics. She was looking at me as if I had morphed into a Grindylow right in front of her eyes.

“Carly, maybe you’d like to step outside for a moment and calm down, and I can talk to Millie on her own for a moment?” Professor Dumbledore said kindly, smiling at me.

“Oh – hahahaha – oh –HA – okay!” I managed to spit out the words through my fit of laughter. Boy, if Millie looked shocked and horrified a moment ago, it was nothing compared to how she looked now. Unfortunately, I was about four laughs away from a heart attack, so I wasn’t really in a state to encourage her. I just got out of that room as soon as I could and stood, still bent over and clutching my sides, listening to my bursts of laughter echoing around the stone stairway.

I tried to calm down. It wasn’t my fault I was so delirious; I skipped lunch to talk to Sirius and James about last night and me and Millie hadn’t had dinner yet.

My giggles eventually subsided and I wiped my eyes as I tried to cool down my now bright red face. I tried to listen and hear what Millie was saying, but I had no luck. I was just getting comfy, leaning against the old wooden door, when Millie pulled it open and I fell inside the room. Well, wasn’t this a great day for first impressions?

“Carly, I’d like to speak to you now. If you are calm and able, that is,” he added cheerily, and I felt myself blushing again. Millie said she’d wait for me, but I told her just to go down and get something to eat and I’d meet her in the common room later. I HAD to help her with her Potions essay – let’s just say she wasn’t great at the theory side of it. Although she’ll probably go and ask Snivellus to help her. Since he’s so amazing. Pfft. But then she could help me with Charms.

I said bye to Millie and Dumbledore asked me to take a seat again. I basically told him everything, minus the James and Sirius are Animagi and the Millie-thinks-Remus-is-the-werewolf parts.

“Now Millie was saying something about Sirius and James being able to turn into animals at will.... did you see anything like this?” Professor Dumbledore asked me.

Oh bloomin’ heck. Errrrr... “What? James and Sirius? Turn into animals?” I gave what I like to think was a very convincing laugh. Or a nervous cackle as some people may say. Hmmm. I’ll work on that later. “No, no! Well, I never seen anything like that last night and I was with them the whole time.” I smiled sincerely, and then stopped as the Professor looked sort of scared.... well, I can work on a sincere smile whilst I’m developing a convincing laugh. “You see, Millie – er – doesn’t really get on very well with James and Sirius. I think she might have just made that up to get them into trouble.” I felt sooooo guilty for betraying Millie and saying that she was a liar, but I had a feeling that James and Sirius might get worse than a school punishment if their secret ever got out.

“Very well.” Professor Dumbledore nodded. “Well, as you were out of bed after-hours, you will have to be punished.” My heart sank. He wasn’t going to expel us, was he? “The six of you – that is, you, Miss Morgan, Miss Evans, Mr Snape, Mr Black and Mr Potter – will have detention on Friday night at eight o’clock. Mr Potter and Miss Evans will be with Professor McGonagall, Miss Morgan and Mr Black will be with Professor Binns and you and Mr Snape will be with Professor Slughorn. Clear?” I nodded glumly. I’m with Snivelly? Oooh, that’ll be so much fun. Not. And Millie’s with Sirius, I bet she’ll love that. “You are free to go. Please inform the others about their detentions.” I nodded again and made for the door.

As I was about to leave I stopped. “Sir?” I asked hesitantly. He smiled, signalling for me to go on. “Um... why did you just ask just me and Millie what happened? What about the others?”

“You heard the Sorting Hat’s song at the Sorting, yes?” he asked. I nodded. “Well, the Hat has a tendency to only sing about the intelligence of Ravenclaws, but they have another important trait: honesty. Gryffindors are fiercely loyal, and will say anything to protect their friends, whilst Slytherins will say anything to save their own skins.” Oh great. Now I felt even worse about lying about James and Sirius. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a Ravenclaw. “However,” he went on, “even the most honest of us are partial to a small white lie when needed.” He was still smiling, and he had a sort of twinkle in his eye...

Oh my God. He knows about James and Sirius. But he hasn’t said anything, so....

“Goodbye Professor,” I said cheerily, exiting the room in a cool and calm fashion. NOT running. Well, maybe kind of power-walking.

It didn’t occur to me until after I was past the stone gargoyle that the professor hadn’t mentioned anything about Remus or his punishment. How odd. Still, detention with Snivelly. I bet he’ll be just as happy as me...


“Detention?!” Millie said in disbelief. “With Sirius? Oh, NO WAY! I’ll swap with you!!!”

“We can’t swap. Look I’ve got to do detention with Snivelly. I’m not exactly over the moon either!”

“Would you PLEASE stop calling him that?!”

“Oh, because he’s all sunshine and rainbows towards me?”

“Eurghhh!” Millie flopped down into one of the common room chairs. “I am so SICK of you two arguing! Why can’t you just like each other?”

“That will NEVER happen!” I said, using my sincere smile on her. I didn’t get the reaction I’d hoped for.

Millie burst out laughing. “What the HELL are you doing with your face?”

“It’s my sincere smile, do you not like it?”

“It kinda looks like someone’s punched you on the nose and you’re trying not to show any pain...”

“Hmph!” I checked my watch. “Oh shoot, I’m gonna be late, I was gonna go meet James and Sirius at seven and tell them about our detentions.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna go meet Sev and Lily.”

“Oh, well be sure to tell him the good news about our detentions!” I grinned. “I’m sure he’ll be just as ecstatic as me...”
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Hogwarts ~ Our Story
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