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Anyone who has read or watched any of the Harry Potter books or films can come and discuss anything about it.
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 FanFic Rules

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PostSubject: Fan Fiction Forum   Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:28 am

The Fan Fiction Forum is where you can post stories you have written about characters from Harry Potter.

When posting your work:

New Topic
*In the subject box* Name of Fic & Who's in it.
*Message* Your story. (If it is split into chapters or parts, post the seperate chapters as a reply to your first part. You may want to wait a couple of days to give people a chance to read your Fic and leave comments.)

If you post comments on other people's work, please make sure it's not nasty or could offend someone in any way. In extreme cases of disobeying this rule, you could get banned.

Get writing!

Thanks, Admin.
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PostSubject: FanFic Rules   Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:42 am

There are only two rules around FanFics:

- No extreme swearing; "bloody" and "hell" are okay.
- Remember we might have younger viewers on this forum, so don't go into detail in any "adult" situations.

If you ignore these rules, a mod/admin will have to edit your fic. If your fic is edited three times, we will have to contact the Admin, who will decide whether or not your fic gets deleted.

This may sound harsh, but there has to be certain regulations around FanFics Smile

Any questions about the rules can be posted here Smile

Thanks, Carly xx
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FanFic Rules
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